Muriel’s Wedding







Hi Everyone. The short YouTube clip we have added to our confirmation page is from a great Australian movie from 1994 called, “Muriel’s Wedding” which shows clearly what Narcissistic Aggressive behaviour looks like and the destruction it can reap in a family.

In the particular scene on our confirmation page, we see how Muriel’s father, Bill Heslop, is scathing and abusive towards his children, and then suddenly switches the charm back on for Diedree Chambers (who we later discover is his mistress). That is, Bill is abrasive and horrible to his family, and nice-as-pie to everyone else. We also see that Bill is living in a grandiose fantasy about a very close election result he achieved in a previous tilt at state politics. He lost the election and blames his family for the loss.

What we see very clearly in this film how Bill’s narcissism, aggression and lack of honest self-evaluation causes hurt and destruction in his family, while his narcissism is also passed down to his daughter Muriel, played by Toni Collette. Muriel lacks interpersonal skills, and confidence and lives in a fantasy world revolving around a false-self.

This movie is a black comedy and has very funny moments as well as being a very sobering portrayal of the hidden abuse that is Narcissistic (Aggressive) Personality Disorder. 

We highly recommend “Muriel’s Wedding” and welcome your comments here.